Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Favorites and Fun...what I won't post on the main site

This was my favorite article today. I wish I could find more articles like this.

This could be sock-monkey heaven

Sock Monkey Ministry is alive and well. I am personally excited to see people doing what they love and reaching out to people. And who doesn’t love and cherish sock-monkeys? I think it was my Aunt Margaret who made one for us. I think there was just one… so my question is, who has the sock-monkey? Come on sisters fess up!

I knew if I searched Flickr for photos I would come up with a creative person who makes sock-monkeys and sells them on the internet. YES. My search paid off.


And our Sockmonkey maker has a web business. Please visit both her sites for a good time.

From Tamara the sock-monkey creator extraordinaire's website:

“Tamara has dedicated her life to international bible education and she often finds herself in far off countries doing just that. Yet regardless of where she is, she spreads her enjoyment of knitting, crocheting and making Sock Monkeys to those around her. Her knitting seminars are usually attended by 10-20 people and her "Sock Monkey School" is world famous.”

Thank you Tamara the Sock-monkey maker for making it such a good news day. And helping spread Sock-monkey Ministry.

And just to prove there is a God... I am not making this up.

Airline asks, 'Is that a monkey in your ponytail?'

And now for what I would not post on the main website but wanted to share with our blog readers… that actually turned out to be good news!

Woman's ashes back after accidental sale

This morning when the Boston Globe arrived in my mailbox the ashes were still missing. I want you to read this for yourself. We always love a happy ending at Good News Now!

OK here are the humor photos I rejected for the humor section of Good News Now.

Why I don't surf!

Original sock-monkey.


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