Thursday, July 16, 2009

After School Club Grows to Urban Youth Ministry

"Cloud and Fire Ministries reaches out to at-risk inner city children as a direct application of God's love. The organization's vision is to see low-income, urban youth grow up to lead thriving, productive lives and to have the inner transformation that comes from God’s love.

Now celebrating ten years of reaching out to children, Cloud and Fire Ministries is the outgrowth of an after school club started by Melody Rossi."

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New Book Reveals DNA Evidence for Intelligent Design

"The digital code in DNA reveals new evidence of intelligent design, Stephen C. Meyer shows in his authoritative new book, Signature in the Cell (HarperOne, June 23, 2009).

In this anniversary year of Charles Darwin’s birth (200 years ago) and the publication of his Origin of Species (150 years ago), scientists and journalists alike are devoting increased attention to the ultimate evolutionary question: the origin of the first life. Darwin himself never addressed the issue, but in recent days the New York Times, Science, The Daily Telegraph and Wired have all carried reports detailing alleged breakthroughs in understanding how life first came to be."

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Bicyclist keeps breast cancer cause in high gear in wife's memory

"To residents of China, Russia and a score of smaller countries, it didn't appear that Michael Fahey was riding a bicycle built for two.Yet it's really the only way he ever travels.

The other rider is his wife, Ruth, and her seat is in his soul."

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