Friday, February 20, 2009

Shot of the Day for February 20, 2009


By Flickr Member Cassia

Good News for February 20 (posted by Mary Beth)

Prime Time America: PTA Digest for February 20

"This week’s podcast begins with a conversation with attorney David Gibbs III of the Christian Law Association. David and I talked about the recent passage in the North Dakota state house of a measure that would give a fertilized human egg the status and rights of a human being. Next, Dr. David Stevens talks with us about the growing occurrence of autism in our country. And finally, some spring gardening tips with Melinda Myers. I hope you enjoy the PTA Digest. – Greg Wheatley"

Listen to the podcast here.

Feeding Frenzy: Stimulating Times for Lobbyists

"The feeding frenzy has started. I was on an airplane the other day heading to the funeral of a very dear friend. Next to me was seated a man in a business suit who, I noticed, was poring over a statute printed off the Internet related to lobbying."

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Niles, IL man nears 100–and he's still working

"Anxious employees clinging to their jobs in these uncertain economic times might do well to heed advice from Max Fabian, who next month hits the century mark and is still working. Make yourself invaluable, he says. And pay attention to the boss."

More of his wisdom awaits you here.

Tipsheet: Shooting in B&W

"Since a couple of black-and-white images have won contests lately (partly because of the winter themes), and this month's theme is black-and-white, I figured it might be a good time to go over some tips on shooting in B&W."

Get the lowdown on shooting better photos here.

Calling All Readers: They're giving away books!

"If you enjoy books, you'll want to check out BookTrib, a website offering information, reviews, news and free books. Each week, five books are given away. Interested readers can select the book they find interesting and register their email for a chance to win the book. You can even ask to be reminded to enter each week! BookTrib is a full service portal dedicated to bringing all the news, blog, sites, and information about books, writers, and readers under one link. One place to stay up-to-date about the world of books and everything related to them."

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When Details Get You Down: Maintaining a spiritual life amid war, famine, and plague is what made Gregory the Great

"How can I maintain a spiritual life while dealing with people's incessant problems and needs? The question didn't originate with a pastor whose cell phone kept interrupting his prayer life. It goes back at least as far as Gregory, the first practicing monk to be elected, over his own objections, to the papacy."

You'll find more on Gregory's life here.

Friday February 20 Good News By Mary

Chinese New Testament Makes Its Debut

A Bible publisher's answered prayer is about to become a dream come true for potentially millions of Chinese Christians: a modern translation of the New Testament in their own language.

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Heart Stents Found as Effective as Bypass for Many Patients

One of the largest clinical trials to compare stent therapy with traditional heart bypass surgery in patients with severe heart disease has found that those receiving stents were not at higher risk for having a heart attack or dying and were less likely to suffer strokes.

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Go with the cash flow

Ten personal-finance steps every college freshman should take.

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Retirement Guide for 40- and 50-Somethings

While your quickly-diminishing 401(k) may make you think you've sealed the deal on working until the day you die, things aren't quite as bleak as they may seem.

In fact, 40- and 50-somethings who play their cards right can enjoy retirement pretty much on schedule (give or take a few years). Not only do they have 15 to 20 years until retirement, but they also have another 10 to 20 years after that before they withdraw most of the money from their retirement plans. That leaves plenty of time for the market to recover -- and for their portfolios to their recoup losses, says Bill Hunter, vice president of retirement products at Fidelity Investments.

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Laser therapy promising for smaller strokes

An experimental stroke treatment that sends laser beams into the brain may help patients with milder strokes lessen their crippling effects, U.S. researchers said on Friday.

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Friday, February 20, 2009 Good News Stories (Margaret)

Lent time to reflect on Christ

"Think of Lent as a time to get pumped up for the Big Game.

On Easter, Christians will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and that he died for their sins.

During the Lenten season, which starts next week on Ash Wednesday, churches encourage people to reflect on God and their own spirituality."

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Which Online Brokers Keep Clients Happy?

"When investors' portfolios plunged last year, so too did their satisfaction with their online brokerages, according to a new survey. That's hardly a surprise -- people blame the weatherman for rain, too. But some brokerages held up much better than others, showing that when it comes to keeping clients happy, size, reputation and communication are key."

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Unusual Electronic Properties In Bismuth-based Crystalline Material May Lead To Better Computer Chips And Solar Cells

"The scientists determined that a crystal made of bismuth, iron and oxygen can perform an electronic feat typically not feasible with conventional semiconductors. It acts as a reversible diode – essentially an electronic turnstile that lets current flow in one direction under certain conditions and in the opposite direction under different conditions. Traditional semiconductor diodes are not reversible – the direction of current flow that they allow is fixed during fabrication."

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