Saturday, May 14, 2011

Emanuel on service: 'We all have a role to play'

"Chicago Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel weeded a community garden by hand and shovel today to mark a citywide day of service.

'I look at this and I see corruption,' he said as he bent over to pull weeds at the 65th and Woodlawn Community Garden in the Woodlawn neighborhood on the South Side. 'It's about giving something back. We all have a role to play.'"

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The five pastors you’ll meet in Hollywood

"In the film 'Priest,' opening Friday, the titular clergymen is a divinely gifted warrior priest belonging to a sacred order of vampire assassins. Accuracy to real-life clergy is questionable.

Still, I’m betting this priest is not all that different from other fictional clergy characters. After all, movie and TV pastors and priests tend to fit very distinct molds. In fact, if you see Christian clergy on the screen, chances are he or she can be described as one of the following:"

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Democratic Tyranny: Middle Eastern Mobs vs. Christians

"The Syrian Army recently laid siege to the southern city of Daraa. Hundreds of people died in this especially bloody episode of what’s being called the 'Arab Spring.'

While the world sympathized with the victims of president Assad’s crackdown on pro-democracy forces, one group had a more ambivalent take: Syria’s Christian population. They, like their brethren throughout the region, have ample reason to suspect that Arab democracy is not the panacea we in the West think it is."

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