Monday, October 19, 2009

Auschwitz Memorial Launches Facebook Page

To try to reach young people around the world, the memorial museum at Auschwitz has launched a page on Facebook, the social networking site usually home to news and photos about friends, funny videos and the minutiae of modern life.

The page aims to be a forum for discussion, reflection and learning about the Nazi death camp, and many people have left a simple message in English, Hebrew and Polish: "Never again."

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Dogged determination: Cynthia Bathurst works to stop violence by helping animals and people peacefully co-exist

"Any puppy training class will have its share of 'eureka' moments. With endless repetition and a big enough bag of treats, even the most unmanageable dog eventually gets it.

But this, this was special."

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Teen pilot: 'Miracle' he walked away from fiery crash

"A LaGrange, IL senior says he's 'a little bit stiff' but otherwise OK after he crashed his small plane near Peoria over the weekend.

'I'm doing fine. I'm a little bit stiff, but other than that, I'm not hurt,' Scott Hall, 17, told WBBM-AM. 'I'm a bit shaken up but not hurt at all.'"

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