Saturday, November 1, 2008

Content Call

I haven’t blogged in months on this site. While the purpose of the blog is to keep you informed and highlight some articles and sites of interest, I don’t want to blog too often because I think people who subscribe can get email overloads. That is my biggest reason for deleting an account. So I promise to blog sparingly and keep context interesting.

We have transitioned this year from a good news site to a more faith based news site, in doing so we have added some categories. One of the goals for the site has been to get readers to contribute articles, press releases, photos and websites of interest. Our new categories Ministry Focus, Publishing News and Events allow for greater reader participation. We currently have one very loyal reader contributor W. Martin, we would like more. We also have an organization that I am very proud to say contributes regularly and that is Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, We would like to see more.

If you want to contribute content or articles, please use the user interface at the top of the website, Click to Submit. What we need for content is an intro to the article, written by you or quoted from the first few paragraphs of the text. We need a link to the article. If you write the article yourself additional links are requested. For example; you write an article about a mission trip your church has taken or a concert you attended, please leave the link to your church or the band’s website.
To submit photos I suggest you join our Flickr photo group, Good News Now Photos. You will need to join Flickr first, it is free, then join our group at

Over the last few months I have found several groups on Flickr that are faith based and have discover some very wonderful photographers. We would love for you to join us on Flickr.

Some of our recent Shots of the Day.

Fred & Moishl 9 by Flickr Member iriskovalio

Caving in Around You by Flickr Member Steve Webel

Abstract (light & shadow) by Flickr Member tanakawho

Don’t forget to fall back tonight.