Sunday, March 6, 2011

St. Louis librarian writes picture book about `The Queen of France'

"The 'queen of France' visited Tim Wadham's home about a decade ago. And now the St. Louis librarian memorializes that royal encounter in his first picture book for children.

Illustrated with watercolors favoring a muted pink and a dust jacket sporting a tasteful, glittery crown, the finished book is a success, says Wadham, 48, who has reviewed many children's books as assistant director of youth and community services at the St. Louis County Library."

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Army swaps sit-ups for combat run in new fitness tests

"The Army plans to toughen its fitness tests for the first time in 30 years to make sure all soldiers have the strength, endurance and mobility for battle, adding exercises like running an obstacle course in full combat gear and dragging a body's weight."

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A Revolting Situation: Food Prices and Ethanol

"If you ask the average American what lay behind the recent revolts in Tunisia and Egypt, you are likely to hear words like freedom, democracy, and even Facebook and Twitter. A word you probably won’t hear is food. But just as much as social media, what brought people onto the streets of Tunis and Cairo was food: too little of it at too high a price. It’s a problem whose repercussions are being felt all over the world but whose origin, at least in part, lies in our backyards -- or fields."

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For International Women’s Day, honor the inspirational women in your life by helping other women around the world

"On March 8, all over the world, people are celebrating the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, a holiday devoted to honoring the women who have inspired us over the past century and celebrating their achievements."

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