Sunday, August 22, 2010

Top federal parks chief promises to help St. Louis Arch project

"A top federal official on Friday viewed the rival plans for reshaping the Arch grounds and declared the project 'one of our highest priorities,' despite the recession's pressure on government budgets."

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Greening gets down and dirty: Farming technique tried in city schoolyard to control polluted runoff

"To be truly green, you have to get down and dirty, it seems. As Baltimore officials begin to tackle the polluted runoff fouling the harbor and the Chesapeake Bay, they are turning to a technique long used by farmers."

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If wary of heartburn meds, some natural remedies may work

"Can you fight acid reflux without heavy-duty medications? Here are some possibilities."

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For Gulf tourism, problem is perception — not oil

"On the great yawning porch that once belonged to Confederate president Jefferson Davis, two women sit in rockers listening to the cicadas and looking out over Mississippi Sound as they wait for their tour to begin."

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