Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Good News April 15, 2009

Chili, Your Way, Any Way, in Cincinnati

"You'll never see anyone eating it like that," said Tom Yunger, owner of a Skyline Chili parlor in north-central Cincinnati. "You're twirling it." I drop my fork, chastened. After that faux pas, it's obvious I'm a Cincinnati chili virgin. How was I to know that, in this southern Ohio town, when a plate of spaghetti lands in front of you, topped with what looks like bolognese sauce, you're supposed to cut it with a fork and scoop?

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Happy Tax Day! - April 15

Obama's (dog) Bo's grandma at DOT

"They say Washington is a small town, a company town.

Here's a measure of how small it is:

You know that Portuguese water dog that has moved into the White House -'Bo,' first pup of the Obamas, a gift from Sen. Edward Kennedy, who has a PWD of his own from the same litter?

Well, Bo's grandmother lives at the Department of Transportation - not quite at DOT, maybe, but in the home of the chief financial officer for the secretary of the nation's transportation agency."

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Good News Now Story for April 15, 2008

Ornamental Grasses - How to Choose an Ornamental Grass

"There are good reasons that ornamental grasses have become popular in gardens so quickly. Ornamental grasses add texture, form, motion and sound to a garden, not to mention the array of colors. They will look good all season long with minimal care. But deciding which one or two to include in your garden is a tough decision. There are so many attractive ornamental grasses to choose from. "

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