Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trash the Takeout

"Are you cooking at home? You should be – it's healthier, not to mention cheaper. And easier than you think."

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Chicken Scoop: Now We Know Egg-zactly What Happened

"The scientific community collectively applauded the recently released work of a team of British scientists, who finally solved a biological puzzle that has eluded the world's best minds for centuries. Research conducted by University of Warwick Professor Mark Rodger and Dr. David Quigley led them to an undeniable answer to the question, 'Which came first, the chicken or the egg?'"

Extend Holiday Dollars through the World Vision Gift Catalog – presents of hope and healing

"As the economy continues to struggle, shoppers will look for ways to extend their holiday dollar. What better way than giving two gifts for the price of one – honor a person by name and give a gift that has real-life implications for a family in need? This year meaningful, useful gifts can be purchased through the World Vision Gift Catalog, as 89 percent of donations received go to programs helping children and families overcome poverty in nearly 100 countries."

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