Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How should you talk to a person in crisis?

"When people are in the midst of a crisis, it's not just shelter, food, water and medical care that they need.

They are worried, stressed, even traumatised. As an aid worker, coming across disaster-hit men, women and children on a regular basis, how do you talk to them in a way that eases the mental anxiety they're going through?"

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Beekeepers abuzz in McHenry County

"Art Freier began keeping honeybee hives at his property on Oak Ridge Road in unincorporated Crystal Lake in 1988.

He would offer up free advice to curious passersby about how to start a hive or take care of the bees, and, after a few years of watching, his son-in-law John Reinert joined in the family hobby."

More on this honey of a story is here.