Monday, July 27, 2009

Highland Park homeowner installs wind turbine on his roof

"Doug Snower's neighbors in Highland Park stared hard when the silver and blue wind turbine first appeared on his garage roof.

While it could pass for a kinetic sculpture, the shiny, spinning device he installed a few weeks ago has generated low-voltage electricity and a steady hum of conversation."

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A survivor's journey

The story of Anne Frank has resonated around the world. A teenager in Holland during World War II, Frank, her family and another family hid from the Germans in the attic of an office building until their hiding place was betrayed and the eight people in hiding were sent to concentration camps, where most of them — including Anne — died. During their time in hiding, Frank kept a diary that has since become world-famous.

But few people know her family's story also has roots in Tuscaloosa.

Years before the Jewish population in Germany was attacked in the Holocaust, Rabbi Davin Schoenberger married Anne Frank's parents at his synagogue in Aachen, Germany.

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Zion National Park to Mark 100th Birthday This Friday

"If you've already made plans to be in Zion National Park this coming Friday you'll be able to join in celebrating the park's 100th birthday. And if you haven't made plans, think about altering your schedule."

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