Monday, June 22, 2009

Cancer spread to liver responds to experimental treatment

When Linda Campbell of Lexington, North Carolina, started to lose her vision in winter 2000 she knew something was wrong. After a diagnosis of ocular melanoma, a rare cancer, she went through numerous treatments to save her eye. Despite one recurrence, by 2007 Campbell was pretty sure she had beaten the odds. That was until last year, when her doctors found lesions on her liver. Her melanoma had spread.

"It was pretty devastating," she said.

Scans showed Campbell's liver was peppered with cancer. There were so many spots, they were impossible to count.

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Video Preview: 'Daisy Chain' by Mary DeMuth

"Chuck Colson says her books are 'beautifully and sensitively written, and her characters are realistic and well-developed. She has a true gift for showing how God’s light can penetrate even the darkest of situations, and start to turn lives around. Even her villains are not beyond the reach of God’s grace.'

Her latest book is 'Daisy Chain' and you can can check out a free video preview."

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