Thursday, March 19, 2009

Good News From Mary March 19, 2009

Walking the River for World Water Day

As World Water Day takes place this coming Sunday (March 22), a Samaritans Purse team is walking the entire length of the River Thames in England this week to raise money for their vital water projects. En route the walkers will stop off at 10 Downing Street in London to urge UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown to act urgently for better access to sanitation in the developing world.

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Overcoming the Fear Factor

Worry, fear, and anxiety were never meant to be a part of our vocabulary, and yet most of us worry more than we’d care to admit. What are you afraid of? Are you scared of waking up to an intruder in the middle of the night? Perhaps it’s flying on an airplane. Maybe it’s the fear of sending your child off to college. Perhaps your greatest fear is not being able to provide for your family. Most of us can find something that haunts us.

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Pint-Size Interviewer Grills Prince William on Childhood, Scars

Interviewing the future king of England is the type of assignment seasoned journalists clamor for.

But Prince William's went to someone decidedly less experienced but well prepared nonetheless -- 10-year-old cancer survivor Alice Marples.

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Astronauts install last piece of station's spine

Two visiting space shuttle astronauts floated outside the International Space Station on Thursday to hook up a final set of solar panel wings to bring the orbital outpost to full power.

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iTunes rolls out high-def movie downloads

As expected, iTunes customers (Windows|Mac) can now buy and rent films in high definition, Apple said Thursday.

Customers can buy hit titles for $19.99 and rentals will cost $4.99. Rentals will be available a month after a film is released on DVD. Prior to this offer, high-def films were only available for rental.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009 Good News Stories

A Burst of Begonias to Satisfy a Yen

"I USED to think that tuberous begonias were plants that only old people grew, like African violets and sansevieria, also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, so called for its blade-shaped leaves.

Maybe it’s an age thing — I’ll be 60 in August — though I haven’t had any longings for chintz. But I’ve wanted to grow tuberous begonias since last summer, when I walked into a greenhouse full of these gorgeous bloomers."

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Sony e-book reader gets 500,000 books from Google (AP)

"Google Inc. is making half a million books, unprotected by copyright, available for free on Sony Corp.'s electronic book-reading device, the companies were set to announce Thursday."

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Inner Quietness in the Midst of Busyness

"Many of us have lives that feel like they are spiraling out of control. We struggle to find balance by juggling hectic careers, meeting the expectations and responsibilities involved in maintaining relationships, managing a household and staying on top of fast-paced changes in our culture. This can tax even the strongest of men and women."

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