Sunday, January 23, 2011

Designed by Kids, For Kids: Save the Children Valentine’s Day Cards to Fight Childhood Poverty Crisis

"Limited-edition Valentine’s Day cards designed by children across the country and some of today’s hottest teen celebrities are available now. The Valentine’s Day cards are part of a project spearheaded by actor and Save the Children Artist Ambassador Julianne Moore to raise awareness about the childhood poverty crisis in U.S. and empower kids to help end it."

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Didn't You Used to Be...? - Devotions from the Road of Life

In an old movie I saw recently, a scene took place between a faded celebrity and a cocky young man. The young fellow approached the older one in a restaurant and asked, in a sneering tone, "Didn't you used to be...?" and he gave the character's name.

The young man meant to demean the older man in an attempt to impress his buddies. His tone implied "You're a has-been. You're nobody now, just an object of pity. You're a relic."

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Better Men

"During World War I a pair of lifelong friends enlisted in the Army together. Assigned to the same platoon, John and Bill vowed to never leave the other behind.

The two buddies were deployed to the German front and soon experienced the brutal cycle of trench warfare: advancing a few yards against the enemy on one day, only to give back those yards on the next. Yet in skirmish after skirmish, John had Bill’s back and Bill had John’s."

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