Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Baby cuddlers: Infants benefit -- but so do hospital volunteers

"Holding a baby barely larger than her hand, Barbara Whitfield coos to the infant, his translucent eyelids fluttering slightly before surrendering to sleep.

But in the neonatal intensive care unit at Rush University Medical Center, it would be difficult to tell just who in this duo is more serene."

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Toddler Watching

"Every day, I watch my 20 month old son climbing — onto the rocking horse, onto the sofa, or up the stairs. However, when his little fists are filled with toys — a little car or its driver — he can’t climb successfully and sometimes he actually falls because he can’t get a proper grip with his hands full. I’ve seen my husband or my other children try to persuade him to put down his toys or offer to hold them for him until he gets where he’s going, but his response is always the same. He won’t let go. He doesn’t understand that he’ll never get where he’s trying to go, and he actually might get hurt, unless he lets go of his toys."

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Spiritual Apnea: The Joy of Sabbath

"I noticed it almost as soon as we were married. My husband and I would get the same amount of sleep, but while I would wake up refreshed, he would wake up groggy.

Extra rest didn’t seem to make much difference for him.On a hunch, I encouraged him to go in for a sleep study."

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