Friday, November 6, 2009

Share Your Story of Compassion and You Could Win the Trip of a Lifetime

"As a part of's 'Christmas of Compassion,' we're telling the stories of artists who inspire us, not only through their music, but also through their acts of kindness and generosity.

We’ll be featuring a new artist each week, so come back for more exclusive content, free downloads, photos and videos – all the good stuff to help keep you inspired this Christmas season. So inspired, perhaps, that you'll enter to win the trip of a lifetime from Compassion International by telling your 'story of Compassion!'"

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Idea man hopes to kick tickets to the curb

"Greg Bukowski is living the impossible dream, Chicago style.

He believes -- believes with the passion of the missionary, the victim, the entrepreneur -- that he has found a way to beat the tyranny of parking tickets on street-sweeping day."

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Messin' with Reality: Why the Gay-Rights Movement Is Playing with Fire

"Our local military museum honors the valor, grit, and teamwork of the men and women in uniform all year. Today, however, it appears to be celebrating something very different.

The other day, after my sons spent the good part of a brilliant fall afternoon climbing on vintage Army tanks, we went inside and were confronted with a display entitled 'Lincoln’s Legacy, Our Freedoms,' marking the bicentennial of our 16th president’s birth. The exhibit asked how society might apply the Great Emancipator’s commitment to human equality today. It was a strange question, given the multiracial, multicultural crowds pouring peacefully through the museum’s great halls."

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