Friday, January 16, 2009

Good News From Mary January 16, 2009

Speak Your Spouse’s Language

Your husband seems to say one thing yet do another. Your wife seems to expect you to read her mind. You and your spouse are frustrated that what you heard each other say wasn’t what was meant. Sometimes it can be like your spouse is speaking a different language from yours – one you don’t understand.

But you can learn to speak your spouse’s language when you work on communication skills in your marriage. Here’s how:

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Study: If you touch it, you will buy it

You've heard of "you break it, you buy it," but what about "you touch it, you buy it?"

A new study suggests that just fingering an item on a store shelf can create an attachment that makes you willing to pay more for it.

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Walk to Ward Off Age-Related Weight Gain

Walking as little as half an hour a day may keep the extra pounds from adding up as you get older.

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Eating with your stomach, not your eyes

It's halfway through January and your initial enthusiasm for those fitness resolutions may be waning.

After maintaining an austere, healthy diet for a few weeks, the desire to eat a juicy cheeseburger proves too irresistible for some dieters.

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A wedding to defy death

Jessica Keenan tried on wedding dresses in a fancy Beverly Hills boutique, about 100 miles from the Santa Barbara, California, clinic where she gets blasted with chemotherapy once a week.

Keenan is 34 years old and battling Stage 4 breast cancer with faith, hope and a charity called the Dream Foundation, which helps terminally ill adults.

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Good News for January 16 from Mary Beth

Champions of Charity: Faith-Based Initiatives

For years to come, President Bush’s supporters and detractors will argue over how he responded to 9/11 and Katrina, conducted the war on terror, and handled the economy.

But there’s one effort that, in my opinion, the administration deserves a lot of credit for—one the media is overlooking. And that’s the President’s Faith-Based and Community Initiative, which released its final report earlier this week.

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Art Deco darlings; Survey aims to find and preserve Chicago's gems

Zigzagging decoration. Bursts of color. An upbeat celebration of modernity. Art Deco buildings are rare in this city of right angles and “less is more” sobriety. So it makes sense to preserve them, not only downtown but also in Chicago’s neighborhoods.

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Ride on the wild side

"Easy Rider" cruised into town 40 years ago. Today, Easyriders comes to Sacramento as motorcycle enthusiasts anticipate the annual motorcycle expo.

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Metairie, LA 'Family Gras' festival spreads its wings

In addition to marquee performers such as Sara Bareilles, Better Than Ezra, Jesse McCartney and Lee Ann Womack, the third installment of Jefferson Parish's Family Gras will include an art market and a second stage focusing on Louisiana musicians, organizers said.

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Friday, January 16,2009 Good News Posts from Margaret

Cloaking device may make cell phone static vanish

“A new light-bending material has brought scientists one step closer to creating a cloaking device that could hide objects from sight.

Beyond possible military applications, it also might have a very practical use by making mobile communications clearer, they said on Thursday.”

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Volunteers give time to others in honor of civil-rights leader

“The alarm will buzz as usual Monday morning for some people who have the day off from work and school.

They are the volunteers who have decided that Martin Luther King Jr. Day is the perfect opportunity to help others.”

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Death by Chocolate

“Now that another Christmas has come and gone, many of us will step on the bathroom scale to face the consequences of our indulgence. If our waistlines have expanded, it might be appropriate to expand our examination of conscience. Gluttony, the excessive indulgence in food and drink, is a sin we don’t hear much about anymore. Can you recall the last time you mentioned it during confession? For most of us gluttony is a venial sin. However just because we’re not as wedded to the pleasures of the table as Mr. Creosote from Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life, doesn’t mean we should consider ourselves immune.”

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