Friday, July 10, 2009

Kansas Girl, 7, Makes Art for Charity, Builds Orphanages With Her Profits

Seven-year-old Isabelle Redford is a long way from grown up, but her art is more than just kid stuff.

"I kind of always drawed because I loved to draw as I grew up," Isabelle said. "And I just was an artist."

Her drawings are good enough to earn some real money but she isn't spending it on toys or candy.

"I like to draw cards because I can raise money< to help the orphans and help them have a home to live in," Isabelle said.

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Hackles and Hacks: Religious Freedom and the Media

"When the world’s largest democracy refuses to allow a commission on religious freedom to visit its shores, that should be news. So why haven’t you heard about it?"

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Moonscapes from memory

"Almost 40 years have passed since Alan L. Bean walked on the moon as an Apollo astronaut, but he still wrestles with the experience every day, trying to recapture in the medium of paint what he and other astronauts saw and felt."

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