Sunday, March 1, 2009

Good News for March 1 (posted by Mary Beth)

Oh, behave! Embarrassing body quirks, solved

"You do right by your body, and in return you expect it to behave — but as the years go by, it can start to rebel and embarrass you on a regular basis. From excess gas to skin tags, these minor physical betrayals don't threaten your health, but they can present major challenges to your self-esteem and body image and make you feel older than you are. Fortunately, there are quick, easy solutions to these grating annoyances."

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U2: A megaband that shows no signs of letting up

"Onstage at the Earl's Court Exhibition Center here was a glittery dress rehearsal for the annual Brit Awards, Britain's equivalent of the Grammys. Although U2 was not among the nominees, it had the opening slot for the Feb. 19 show: a live performance of the hard-riffing 'Get On Your Boots' from its new album, 'No Line on the Horizon' (Interscope). U2 had blasted the same song earlier in the month at the Grammy Awards."

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Click here to view a clip of U2 performing 'Get On Your Boots' on the roof of the BBC Tower.

New library hailed as Mattapan's future

"Ten-year-old Kayla Maloney broke out in a wide smile as she ran her small fingers along the bindings of books stacked in the young adults section of the new Mattapan library. The fifth-grader, a voracious reader who says she often falls asleep with a book on her pillow, stopped every few steps to pull out a novel and look at the cover."

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Bone House to rise from ashes

"The structure – fashioned out of bones, scrap lumber, old signs and bottle caps – was a Huntsville, TX landmark. Then it burned to the ground. But owner Dan Phillips, above, says he will rebuild."

See before and after photos here.

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Read the back story here.

Barbie turns 50, but dolls forever young in eyes of U.S. girls

"Young girls peer into the glossy eyes of their plastic dolls and see reflections of themselves. In turn, those dolls offer a window into American culture—whether it's Tiny Tears or Bratz or the most iconic doll of all, Barbie."

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Sunday, March 1, 2009 Good News Stories (Margaret)

Frugal Gardening

"It's easy to get carried away planting a garden. Even after you've bought all the necessary tools and supplies, there are always more plants to covet and new gadgets to try. But that doesn't mean your garden has to turn into a sink hole for your money. Some of the best gardening tips don't cost a cent and some will help you save money for years. Here are 10 no-pain ways to save money and resources while gardening and still have the garden of your dreams."

Click here to read 10 ways to save.

Doodling May Boost Memory

"The next time you're stuck on hold or zoning out during a dull meeting, you might want to reach for a pen and doodle -- and not just to ease your boredom.

Doodling might help you remember snippets of key information that's mentioned in those conversations, a new study shows."

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5 Ways to Slim Down in 2009

"You’re two months into the New Year and you still haven’t started that resolution to eat healthy, exercise more and lose weight."

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