Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday Feb. 5, 2009 News From Mary

Ants tricked into raising butterflies

Butterflies can seem friendly and harmless. But at least one type has learned to raise its young as parasites, tricking ants into feeding it and giving special treatment.

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Blue the hue of creativity? Red for detail?

We learn from toddlerhood that red means danger — so should we use red ink for medication warnings? And if blue signals the freedom of open skies, how about brainstorming in a room painted blue?

Maybe so, says new research into how the brain reacts to colors: Red seems to improve attention to detail while blue sparks creativity.

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Einstein robot smiles when you do

Albert Einstein looked around, made eye contact and smiled.

Of course, the renowned scientist has been dead for more than 50 years but he was reincarnated this week in the form of a so-called empathetic robot that pushes the boundaries of automation by being able to interact with people using emotional nuances.

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Fired exec: 'Starbucks saved my life'

Michael Gates Gill was a high-flying, six-figure-earning advertising executive years ago before he was abruptly fired. He had created huge campaigns for companies like Christian Dior and Ford and lived an even bigger life, with luxury automobiles, lavish vacations and fabulous clothes.

These days, however, he's traded his $3,000 Brooks Brothers suits for khakis and a green apron; the big bucks for a $10 an hour job as a barista at Starbucks. But Gill says he couldn't be happier.

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Cancer Care Costs Squeeze Millions of Americans

Even people who have health insurance can be bankrupted if they come down with cancer, says a new report from the American Cancer Society.

The Kaiser Family Foundation and the American Cancer Society unveiled a new joint report today that outlined the serious financial consequences families face when a member is diagnosed with cancer. In addition to dire statistics and figures, the report featured the stories of 20 patients who have faced severe debt and other challenges in their struggle to get treatment for their disease.

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Thursday, February 5, 2009 Good News Posts from Margaret

How to Get by on $500,000 a Year

When I first saw this title on my home page, I thought 'you got to be kidding.' This article is not for those of us who are trying to make ends meet.

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Trashing the Fridge

"FOR the last two years, Rachel Muston, a 32-year-old information-technology worker for the Canadian government in Ottawa, has been taking steps to reduce her carbon footprint — composting, line-drying clothes, installing an efficient furnace in her three-story house downtown.

About a year ago, though, she decided to “go big” in her effort to be more environmentally responsible, she said. After mulling the idea over for several weeks, she and her husband, Scott Young, did something many would find unthinkable: they unplugged their refrigerator. For good."

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Companion Planting - Pairing Plants to Control the Insect Balance in Your Garden

"Companion planting is an age old tradition. It’s a gardening technique that involves planting two or more plants near each other to derive some type of benefit. That benefit could be more vigorous growth, higher yield, repelling pests or attracting predators of common pests. Scientific research doesn’t always agree with the folklore of companion planting, but who knows? Science changes and at the very least, we know that diversity in the garden cuts back on problems."

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Proclaiming Christ's Return

"I have felt for a long time that the church has long neglected prophetic truth and, as a result, has failed to carry out God’s revealed program not only for the church itself but has failed to tell the world of God’s plan for the future."

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