Friday, August 28, 2009

You will see more progress: Millions of dollars go into Coast projects

"The scars are still there from Hurricane Katrina four years after the storm hit, but so are concrete signs South Mississippi is moving ahead stronger than ever.

Soon after the storm, Gov. Haley Barbour challenged the Coast to rebuild bigger and better. Or, he said, area residents will have failed future generations."

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On Science and Origins: A Letter to Swillpit

"Despite some intensive personal coaching from a seasoned Tempter, Swillpit, it seems, has been having trouble with his earthly charge.

This has brought about an occasion for a “teaching moment” from his Mephistophelian Mentor..."

Check out this commentary in the tradition of "The Screwtape Letters" by clicking here.


"Workers of the world, unite in giving Utah a round of applause. The Beehive State has made Thursday the new Friday, and by proving the benefits of this condensed calendar, Utah has brought us all closer to the dream of a shortened workweek."

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