Monday, January 26, 2009

Good News for January 26 from Mary Beth

Take the Bible Gateway with you at

"Now you can take the Bible Gateway with you wherever you go! We’ve added a new smallscreen-friendly site for use with your iPhone, BlackBerry, or other internet-capable mobile device: We’ll be improving it and adding new features as we hear from you, our users, so try it out and send us your feedback."

Click here for more on the new site.

'Crime and Punishment': "Suicide by Self-Affirmation"

"In the latest CD in his Great Books audio series, Dr. Ken Boa talks about Fyodor Dostoevksy’s Crime and Punishment. Written in 1866, the novel shows penetrating insights into human nature, anticipating trends in psychology and politics that would one day sweep the globe. In writing Crime and Punishment, Boa tells us, Dostoevsky was a man ahead of his time. I agree. He’s prophetic and one of my favorite authors."

Read more of Chuck Colson's commentary here.

12 ways to beat the blahs

"Men's Health magazine readers need no introduction to male model and fitness guru Owen McKibbin. He's been on that magazine's cover an astounding 19 times. But even for a guy with a perfect six-pack like him, life sometimes can be gut-wrenching.
Here's his personal roadmap to that old Roman virtue--mens sana in corpore sano--a healthy mind in a healthy body."

His tips are waiting for you here.

This week runners hit the streets of New Orleans

This week on the streets of New Orleans, runners of all shapes and sizes put Pumas to pavement for the Mardi Gras marathon.

Hit your stride on the story here.

Interviewing? How do you answer the 'five years' question?

"The Boston Globe's Job Doc takes on this subject and offers strategies for responding."

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Inmate amazed personal treasure found after Ike

"A state prison inmate says he’s amazed to find that a heavy box of keepsakes he left in a friend’s garage in Galveston the day before going to prison was found more than a mile away after Hurricane Ike."

The story behind this inspiring act of honesty is here.

Good News From Mary January 26, 2009

Get Winter Skin Care Tips

Before you make any winter getaway plans to a warm and sunny place, you should ensure that you have the right skin-care products. Vacation sun exposure, or intermittent sun exposure, can be dangerous.

Dermatologist Jeanine Downie gives advice on how to protect yourself and explains the risks.

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Senate passes bill to delay digital TV switch

People who have not gotten their TV sets ready for the changeover to digital signals could earn a four-month reprieve under a bill making its way through Congress.

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Space station astronauts lose bone strength fast

Astronauts that spend long months aboard the International Space Station lose bone strength faster than previously thought and have a higher risk of breaking their hips later in life, a new study reports.

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Microsoft steps up browser battle

Microsoft has stepped up the battle to win back users with the latest release of its Internet Explorer browser.

The US software giant says IE 8 is faster, easier to use and more secure than its competitors.

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Woman's Weight Loss Secret: Blogging

Eight years ago Shauna Reid, then 23, weighed 351 pounds.

The Australian-born Reid, who now lives in Scotland, says she knew she wanted to lose weight when she saw her "enormous white knickers billowing on the clothesline next to my sister's impossibly teeny" pair but, after maxing out the scale at her local Weight Watchers chapter, it seemed impossible to find the support she needed.

So Reid, who'd always kept a journal, decided to try her hand at blogging.

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Shot of the Day January 25, 2009


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