Sunday, October 16, 2011

Safer Foundation puts ex-cons to work

"Tim Mellerke emerged from prison in the middle of the recession. With a drug conviction and no work history, his chances of getting employed seemed remote.

But even while incarcerated Mellerke had been working with the Safer Foundation, a Chicago-based nonprofit that aims to help ex-offenders find a place in the job market. He took several training classes with the group, and soon he landed an entry-level position at a suburban Five Guys restaurant."

 Read more about the Safer Foundation's work here.

World Vision Horn of Africa Response to Drought Overview

"World Vision has been working in the Horn of Africa for years. The current drought is only the latest crisis the organization has addressed there. This video provides an overview of how they are responding to the crisis and making a difference in the lives of Africa's hard hit communities."

Watch the video here.