Monday, September 13, 2010

Eating Right: A look at some healthy tailgating options

"It's football season and I am wondering what are some healthier tailgating options?"

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Social circle may add to longevity

"The best medicine for a longer, healthier life may be the support of family and friends: That's the conclusion of an exhaustive July report looking at studies over three decades on social relationships and mortality."

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Mexico 2010 Chicago bash will celebrate breadth of Mexican immigrants' diversity, country's bicentennial

"Surely the Mexican government views the news coverage as better when it revolves around a cellist from Monterrey rather than a drug lord from Tijuana."

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Dance Lessons

"As a professional competitive ballroom dancer, I’m often asked what I think of the television show 'Dancing With The Stars,' which starts its new season on September 20. The show isn’t really about dancing, I say; it’s about teaching. And what the celebrity students are learning isn’t really the cha-cha, rumba, and waltz, since most of them will forget the steps once the show is over anyway. What they are really learning is how to be responsible."

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Cold cure? Argonne's shedding light

"A chill in the air this time of year seems to bring that all-too-familiar scratch in the throat and tickle in the nose, and that's what makes the work two scientists achieved at Argonne National Laboratory a little timely, a little intriguing and a little uplifting."

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