Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Good News for March 17 (posted by Mary Beth)

Winsome Warriors: The Battle for Life Continues

"A picture of a baby in utero flashes onto the computer screen. Images of the fetus seem to pulse, reminiscent of a baby’s heartbeat.

On the screen the following words appear: 'This child’s future is a broken home. He will be abandoned by his father. His single mother will struggle to raise him.' The background music continues as we watch the baby grow.

New words flash on the screen: 'This child, despite the hardships he will endure, will become the first African-American President.'”

To read the rest of Mark Earley's commentary, click here.

Irish village embraces link to Barack 'O'bama'

"Until recently, Moneygall's most famous son wasn't even human. It was a horse, Papillon, who streaked to the title as a long shot in a nail-biter at Britain's prestigious Grand National race in 2000.

But for months, the modest sign marking Papillon's achievement has been muscled aside by pictures of the new hero in this pit stop on the Dublin-to-Limerick road: President Barack Obama—or, as they like to call him here, Barack O'Bama."

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"Get into the Saint Patrick's Day mood with an eclectic selection of websites concerning all things Irish."

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Making Real Movies

"Michael Landon Jr. continues in his work creating family-friendly films with the release of The Velveteen Rabbit—recently in theaters, and releasing to DVD today. He recently spoke to Christianity Today Movies about the challenges of bringing this beloved book to the big screen, being a Christian in Hollywood, and what's next in his own story."

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Award-winning author DiAnn Mills interviews Jill Eileen Smith

"When DiAnn Mills interviews a fellow author, the questions are sure to be pertinent as well as interesting. Her latest subject is Jill Eileen Smith, author of the The Wives of King David series."

Read DiAnn's interview with Jill by clicking here.

More than 50 New Orleans police officers receive commendations

"One by one, more than 50 law enforcement officers stood in front of a grateful audience Tuesday morning while New Orleans police officials lauded their work.

Some had dodged bullets or saved lives. Some had snared caches of guns and drugs or apprehended criminals. Some had suffered greatly for their work, suffering a gunshot wound to the arm or bullets to the body.

All had been courageous in exceptional ways, New Orleans Police Superintendent Warren Riley said."

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Diver entertains spring breakers

"A stunt diver who came back from cancer thrills the crowd at Space Center Houston, earning high-fives from young spring breakers in the crowd.

Watch as world champion diver Bill Brown dives off an 80-foot high dive platform into only nine and a half feet of water. Spring breakers can watch Brown dive this week at the Space Center Houston. Video by Jason Witmer."

Watch this stunning video by clicking here.

Discovery, station astronauts to join forces to install solar power module

"Today's ultra-smooth docking between the shuttle Discovery and the international space station has NASA's flight control teams hoping it will be possible to accelerate the unfurling of the 110-foot panels on the newly delivered solar power module."

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Good News From Mary March 17, 2009

Ministries Go Underground to Aid North Korea

North Korea’s oppressed people live in a state of constant fear. They suffer from poor economic conditions, and many are starving. To make matters worse, they are increasingly isolated from the rest of the world.

Open Doors World Watch List 2009 again ranked North Korea as the number one worst persecutor of Christians in the world. For seven years in a row, the county has topped the list.

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Copy-and-paste ability to be added to iPhone

At long last, Apple will be adding copy-and-paste for text to its iPhone, something customers have clamored for, and something that is commonly featured on almost all other smartphones.

Scott Forstall, Apple's senior vice president of iPhone software, unveiled the new feature today along with others for the phone at the company's headquarters in Cupertino, Calif.

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Festivals celebrate the beauty of spring

We’ve turned the clocks ahead, the vernal equinox is just days away, and spring is busting out all over.

I say bring it on. After months of dark and depressing news, I think we could all use a break, don’t you? Yes, money’s tight and the economy’s shaky, but the sun is shining somewhere, the days are getting longer and there’s a sense of rebirth and renewal in the air.

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Discovery links up with space station

Space shuttle Discovery arrived at the international space station Tuesday, delivering one last set of solar wings that should boost the orbiting complex to full power.

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The gold rush is on at a party near you

Alison DeRuiter of Phoenix showed up at party recently and went home with $542.

The party was at a friend’s home, and the guest of honor was a representative of a company called Gold Rush at Home, based in nearby Fountain Hills. She was there to assess and buy old gold items the guests had brought along, writing checks on the spot.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009 Good News Stories

Avoid injury by resting muscles and treating pain

"Activities that require repetitive motion can lead to wear and tear of tendons and ligaments over time, resulting in joint weakness and pain. Rotator cuff injuries, runner's knee, tennis elbow and golfer's elbow are a few of the many conditions that can occur from repeated overuse, poor exercise form/technique, faulty body mechanics or from doing too much too soon when beginning an exercise program."

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3 Exercise Options After Heart Attack

"Heart attack survivors have their pick of aerobics, resistance training, or both types of exercise to help their blood vessel function -- but they need to stick with it.

That news comes from a Swiss study of 209 heart attack survivors."

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Ireland's Apostle

"St. Patrick’s Day in America has become a day of wild celebration. The weekend was full of parades, and Irish pubs will do a land office business for the entirety of the week as Americans, with or without a drop of Irish ancestry in their blood, toast the Irish and wish each other luck.

Lost in the festivities is the person whose feast day we are actually celebrating. It’s unfortunate, because Patrick is a man worth remembering – particularly in today’s culture."

Click here to read about the real St. Patrick.

Former journalist who appealed to churches wins Salvadoran election

"Mauricio Funes, who campaigned that the moral strength of churches was at the center of change for this tiny Central American country, was elected president of El Salvador.

In his acceptance speech late March 15, Funes echoed the words of slain Archbishop Oscar A. Romero and touched on the ideas of liberation theology."

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Irish leaders urge new efforts against violence on St. Patrick's Day

"St. Patrick's Day should be a celebration not only of Irish culture and identity, but of 'the man who described himself as an ambassador for God and who prayed that it might never happen that he (Patrick) should lose the people which God had won for himself at the end of the earth,' the cardinal added."

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