Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Home sales rise from 1st quarter to 2nd

"U.S. home sales grew in the second quarter in 39 states, another sign that the ailing housing market is finally coming to life."

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Modern and Modest Girls Rock!

"Author and syndicated Catholic talk show host, Teresa Tomeo, teamed up with Molly Miller, and Monica Cops, putting their heads and hearts together to come up with a breath of fresh air for today’s young girls.

Their series, All Things Girl, published by Bezalel Books includes 6 titles, two of which are: Girls Rock! and Modern and Modest . The series speaks about the dignity at the heart of every girl created in the image and likeness of God and does it in a very fun and appealing way. The books are generous in size and filled with colorful and attractive designs to capture a young girl’s attention."

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Angry Mobs: Protesting and Civil Discourse

The media is in a near panic over those protesting the President’s health care plan. They see conspiracy and the “R” word. And they also have short memories.

The left-leaning media has, as far as I’m concerned, hit a new low."

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