Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Good News From Mary March 4, 2009

Banned Christian Fellowship Allowed to Meet on Ohio Campus, For Now

A Christian fellowship group that was denied registration from Wright State University in Ohio because of its faith-based policies has now been granted recognition by campus officials – for now that is.

Representatives of Campus Bible Fellowship received an e-mail Monday evening from the university's director of student activities that they would be reinstated for the remainder of the school year.

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View-Master travel reels head into the sunset

Amber LaPointe's introduction to one of the country's greatest tourist attractions came from small square pictures on a white wheel.

"It was like you could look into a world away," said the 28-year-old from Toledo, Ohio. "My only image of the Grand Canyon was from the View-Master."

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How to get $100 worth of groceries for 25 cents

You can cut your grocery bill in half when you know how to use coupons and store promotions along with sale prices on your favorite items. For a family of four, that may be a savings of $100 per week or as much as $5,000 per year. Coupon Mom Stephanie Nelson demonstrated how to combine sales, store promotions and double coupons and paid only 25 cents for $100 worth of common grocery items. Stephanie’s top tips to save are:

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How to Complain for Fun and Profit

When you think you've been ripped off, what do you do? Scream? Call and complain? Or just take it? Maybe there's a better idea.

Bruce Silverman, author of "How to Complain for Fun and Profit," suggests writing a letter to the boss of the company.

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IPod Touch, iPhone join Kindle's book club

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos recently said he wanted to open up Kindle electronic books to other devices. Today, Amazon delivers on that with "Kindle for iPhone and iPod Touch," a free application at Apple's App Store.

Owners of the iPhone and Touch will have wireless access to the same 240,000-plus e-books previously only available on Amazon's own Kindle and Kindle 2 electronic readers. New releases typically cost $9.99.

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March 4 is a Good News Day (posted by Mary Beth)

Killing without Consequences: 'The Last Goodnights'

"In his new book, The Last Goodnights: Assisting My Parents with Their Suicides, lawyer and author John West publicly tells a story that most people would have kept silent. He does it so that one day others may be able to kill openly and without fear. That’s not how West puts it, of course, but I’m afraid that’s what it boils down to."

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Prayer Need Alert: Statement from CARE Regarding Operations in Sudan

"The humanitarian organization CARE released the following statement today regarding its operations in Sudan:

CARE acknowledges receipt of a letter from the government of Sudan today canceling our registration to operate in the country. We are assessing what this means for the 1.5 million people who now receive food, water, sanitation, livelihood and health assistance from CARE. CARE is among a number of international organizations who received the letter revoking the license to operate."

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The Green Dictionary: Defining the language of Green

"The green revolution has a language all its own. Here are some of the more common terms you'll hear. And don't forget to check back often for the latest entries in the 'ecopedia.'"

Get the definition of 'freecycling' and more by clicking here.

Thrifty instincts run through her family

"You'd never guess Rhonda Baker Michaud's husband makes more than $100,000 a year. After all, she admits to trash picking, and he wears shirts from the thrift store, as does their 17-month-old son.

But, says Michaud, it all makes for a better standard of living, as well as smart green thinking - reusing instead of sending things to the landfill."

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009 Good News Post

US Students Lobby for Clean Energy, Carbon Caps

"U.S. President Barack Obama set aside more than $30 billion for several renewable energy projects in the government's massive economic stimulus package. And this week, thousands of students from across the nation descended on Washington for a youth summit on climate change and energy policy. Many of them went to Capitol Hill to demand action on preserving the environment."

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Alternative to Easter 'Paganism' Offered to Churches, Ministries, Parents

"Anomalos Publishing House has released 'Easter Hunt for Jesus' by Karol Hansen, founder and leader of "Encourage A Child" Ministries in Southern California."

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How Then Should We Live?

"Christians have been looking for Jesus’ Second Coming ever since He left the first time. We have always longed for the time when our Savior will come from heaven and make everything right once again on the earth. I hope you’re looking for it because Paul says at the end of 2 Timothy that there is a crown awaiting all of those who are longing for His appearing. Are you longing for it? Do you get up in the morning thinking, This could be the day? "

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The Mission Society creates new library in Ghana

"One Ghanaian village is being reached with the love of Christ by means of a new library."

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