Friday, August 3, 2007

From the Heart

There are several stories out there in the news on the internet that have spoken to the issues of the heart. They are about human relationships, people seeing others in need and responding. People overcoming struggles.

The first is a story within the story about the bridge collapse. Jeremy Hernandez is a worker for the Waite House. He is the gym coordinator for the group. He was on the bus when the 35W bridge collapsed and he and 6o others plunged towards the river below. They were returning from a Waite House sponsored trip to a local water park.

Hernandez sprung into action and broke out the back of the bus and helped all the children in the bus escape. The story is from the NY Times and is an excellent read.

Stunned Victim Turns Hero

The second story is about an artist who as the result of her struggle with breast cancer and in the midst the loss of loved ones thrives.

For artist, dire prognosis was creative push

Jeanne Bonine a watercolor painter returns to her home town of St. Paul Minnesota for the Uptown Art Fair, which runs today through Sunday in Uptown Minneapolis at Lake Street and Hennepin Avenue. Jeanne is among 350 artists who will exhibit work this weekend.

Last and not least from the Orange County Register…

Quiksilver co-founder niece finds her "sister" in the jungle

This is a very interesting tale. It is about how two young women came together from very different backgrounds, making the same life changing decision and having their lives become intertwined with the common goal to help the people of the island of Sumba, a primitive Indonesian island.

Finding and posting the Shot of the Day is one of my favorite assignemts as webmaster for Good News Now. I find most of the photography from two sites; Flickr and Gather. Good News Now hosts groups on both sites where member submit photography for Shot of the Day. I want to thank all our members for their contributions.

Shot of the Day for August 3, 2007 is called Colorful Fruit by Flickr Member ninjaneil902.

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