Friday, February 13, 2009

Good News From Mary Feb. 13, 2009

Who You Gonna Believe?

These days some economic experts appear to have started believing financial concepts that sound vaguely familiar -- perhaps even biblical.

Normally I don't overuse Scriptures for these articles. But, turbulent times call for God's stability, so I've put together a sampling of Scriptures that are important for us if we're to survive economic hard times.

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Love letter reveals King Henry VIII's infatuation

A rambling love letter written by Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn in an effort to convince her to become his second wife will go on display in Britain for the first time in April.

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Plaster cast 'better for sprains'

People with a sprained ankle recover faster if they are given a plaster cast, British researchers say.

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Waiting for the doctor, questions in hand

With anxiety about health problems weighing on patients' minds, the doctor's office waiting room can be a tough place to pass the time productively.

Many patients in a holding pattern turn to escapist reading. But by using the time to list their symptoms and questions, they can better position themselves to get the most out of their doctor's expertise, experts say.

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Sweet tooth in hard times keeps chocolatiers going

Chocolatiers have been concerned about the impact the recession would have on their business but a sweet tooth, even in hard times, has kept them going.

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It's a Good News Day, even if it is Friday, February 13 (posted by Mary Beth)

Get the stain out with this simple guide

"Crashing splashes, oozing squishes, crackling smashes and crunching smishes.

Whatever the accident, you've got a mess. But a stain doesn't have to become permanent if you know the drill."

You'll find solutions to your stain problems here.

No Time to Check Out: Evangelicals and Politics

"Cal Thomas, a conservative evangelical columnist, is someone I really admire. But shortly after Barack Obama’s historic election victory, he wrote a column called 'Religious Right, R.I.P.,' which I strongly disagree with. In it, Thomas asserts that evangelicals should abandon their efforts to impact culture through political involvement."

Mark Earley expresses his opinion here.

Reverse your luck on Friday the 13th

"The Boston Globe offers a series of tips for offsetting the 'curse' of Friday the 13th."

Cast your vote for the best remedy here.

A guy's guide to surviving Valentine's Day

"Valentine’s Day is one of the few days of the year that a guy needs to be on his best behavior (anniversaries and birthdays are the other two). The day may be made for lovers, but it sure could end in disaster if a guy doesn’t watch his step. Never fear, for this handy-dandy guide will help you find your way through the love-craze maze."

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Russian performers take on the world

"After an energetic performance of her song 'The Party's Over,' the Russian pop star Valeriya paused to deliver a sound bite. 'Music has no borders!' she shouted to a crowd of music industry executives at a recent conference in Cannes."

The story awaits you here.

What in the Heck is Valentine's Day?

"The approach of Valentines Day in North America ushers in a season of anxiety to many individuals who in some cases have based their value and self worth on weather or not anyone cares enough to remember them on a Valentines Day."

Read what a pastor has to say about the holiday here.

Have a great day, everyone!

Friday, February 13, 2009 Good News Posts (Margaret)

Church within a church

"The 20-somethings hang out in the kitchen, perched on countertops and munching tortilla chips in a Westerville home.

In jeans and sweat shirts, they talk about work, their in-laws and which couple had the best TV to host a Super Bowl party.

Then the four married couples migrate to the living room of Alex and Jessica Coleman, open their Bibles, and start reading aloud. They read from the book of Romans and talk about sin, guilt and forgiveness."

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On Valentine's Day ... A Real Love Connection

"Ah, love. That four-letter word many people dread on Valentine’s Day."

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Bighearted Hello

"Inspired by the movie 'Monsters, Inc.' and a package of oversize googly eyes, 6-year-old Luke Fleener of Houston, Texas, created this bighearted cyclops with an in-sight-ful inscription: 'I've got my eye on you!'"

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Belly Fat Linked to Risk of Migraines

"Belly fat has been linked to increased risks for heart disease and diabetes. Now new research suggests it may also be linked to an increased risk for migraines, at least until middle age."

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Shot of the Day for February 12, 2009

Door in the 6th

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