Friday, December 24, 2010

'Freedom Riders' filmmaker says ordinary citizens can bring about change

"Filmmaker Stanley Nelson says his new documentary about the courageous activists who defiantly opposed the 1960s segregation of the South may help inspire a new generation of youth."

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Dancing Deer helps make Christmas bright

"One of the best-kept secrets in Boston is in a nondescript industrial park in Hyde Park. At the risk of leaking classified Christmas intelligence, the Globe has learned that Santa Claus may be operating a secret satellite workshop, in addition to his North Pole headquarters."

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The Christmas Pageant

"The Christmas pageant was the big event of the Christmas season every year in this little Heartland town, and every parent wanted their son or daughter to get a part in the play. The year they’ll never forget was the year that little Harold wanted to be in the play. He was a little slow and, to be honest, a risk to put on stage."

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