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Shot of the Day for March 10, 2009

Arkansas Skies........

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Good News From Mary March 10, 2009

Girl, 7, has six vital organs removed

A 7-year-old Long Island girl was released from a New York hospital Tuesday, more than a month after surgeons removed six of her vital organs to tackle a life-threatening tumor.

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Timeless Lincoln Memento Is Revealed

Confirming a rumor that has circulated for generations, the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History opened a gold pocket watch that belonged to Abraham Lincoln on Tuesday and discovered a message secretly engraved there by a watchmaker who repaired it in 1861.

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When it pays to pay

During these tough economic times, more families need to scrimp and save. But cutting back everywhere isn't always the best course.

You and your family have to eat, house yourselves and stay healthy. Once you've taken care of the essentials, experts say there are additional areas that require real investment, whether you are spending time or money. Here are six places where it pays to lay out more money, not less:

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Kindle 2 Introduced: Blasphemy for Booklovers?

While working for a hedge fund doing research on the Internet 14 years ago, Jeff Bezos had an idea, a big idea: The Internet, he thought, would be a good place to sell books.

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Already frugal get extreme during downturn

Amy VanDeventer has always been a cheapskate. The recession is taking her to new extremes.

Before the economy tanked, she was still wearing maternity clothes from her last pregnancy, clipping coupons and using hand-me-downs to dress her daughters, ages 2 and 3. Now, she's salvaging bagel scraps left on their plates for pizza toppings and cutting lotion bottles in half so she can scrape out the last drops.

"I was already cheap," said VanDeventer, a 36-year-old mortgage loan underwriter from Broomfield, Colo. "Now I am neurotic about it."

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Good News for March 10 (posted by Mary Beth)

A Disordered 'Amen': The Environment or Humanity

"There’s a manual which provides mental health professionals with 'diagnostic criteria for mental disorders.' I suggest that the manual should contain a new entry under the heading 'AMEN.'”

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Meatloaf Makeover

"In these high-stress times, meatloaf is right up there with apple pie as one of America’s favorite comfort foods. But it has all the makings of cardiac arrest if it’s packed with fat: Some recipes tally more than 900 calories a serving and an entire day’s worth of saturated fat! Chances are, the family recipe could stand the chef’s equivalent of liposuction. Here are seven ways to give your meatloaf a makeover without sacrificing flavor."

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Children's intelligence linked to father's age

"Children’s intelligence may be affected by a father’s advanced age, according to a new study published this week in the journal PLoS Medicine.

The report is the latest to suggest that a man’s age matters when it comes to having children – a phenomenon that’s come to be called the 'male biological clock.'”

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Men credited with saving animals in Cape blaze

"Ken Lacasse heard the thud of a massive explosion about 100 feet from his house on Cape Cod, and without thinking, the 51-year-old ran toward the flames.

He knew dogs and cats were likely trapped inside Cape Cod Animal Hospital, which burst into flames at about 8 Monday night."

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Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra will honor Harold Battiste with jazz concert

"The Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra and Dillard University will honor
New Orleans-born Harold Battiste with a special concert underwritten by
People's Health, the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation and Metro
Disposal on Saturday, March 21 at 8 p.m. at Tulane University's Dixon

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Message found inside Abraham Lincoln's watch

"For nearly 150 years, a story has circulated about a hidden Civil War message engraved inside Abraham Lincoln's pocket watch. On Tuesday, museum curators confirmed it was true."

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Stocks shoot up on Citigroup profit news

"Reporting from New York -- Good news from a bank -- finally -- sent the stock market to its best gain this year."

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009 Good News Stories (margaret)

Equipment for core, functional training

"As you learned in last week's column, functional and core training exercises are an important part of a well-rounded fitness program. Functional training involves performing exercises that leave you better prepared to handle everyday activities and tasks, and involve core muscles that help to support the spinal column. The result is better posture and balance, less stress on muscles and joints and reduced risk of injuries."

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The Largest Content Safe, Family-Friendly Social Network Debuts...

"One of the worst recessions in years has activated a national return to faith, family values and hope above material consumerism. Today, the world's largest faith and family based social network, tangle.com announced the launch of its new name and Web site which hosts more than 550,000 registered members. tangle.com is designed to appeal to one of the single largest audiences in America, the faith-based community and those seeking family friendly and safe content."

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Budget crunches hit jail; ministry rethinks approach

"One of the most widely-distributed Bibles published by International Bible Society-Send The Light is designed for a captive audience.

Rich Blanco, IBS-STL's Vice President of Outreach, says the economic crises gripping the U.S. cost them one of their discipleship programs. However, the need for something to replace it was clear. IBS receives over 400 letters a week from inmates around the U.S. "

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Pray for Revival in America

"We are in the midst of the most serious crisis our nation has faced in my lifetime, and I believe unless God intervenes, America will never again be the great country that we have known and loved."

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Grandpa is ... browsing your Facebook page

"When your 88-year-old grandfather sends a request to be your 'friend' on Facebook, you have two choices: Either confirm it, then quickly take down all those party pictures you thought were so funny, or plan on never coming home for the holidays."

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Shot of the Day for March 9, 2009

Spring has come!
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