Monday, March 9, 2009

Good News From Mary March 9, 2009

High Blood Sugar & The "Fat-Fighting 4"

It used to be that only diabetics had to worry about their blood sugar, but not anymore.

People who are feeling tired or listless during the day, who are slightly overweight, or who have harried schedules and irregular eating schedules might be fighting high blood sugar cycles, and eventually be susceptible to type 2 diabetes.

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Retailers widen options, including more modest clothes

Modesty in young women's clothing is getting a boost from the dismal economy.

When consumer spending was in overdrive, retailers could sell to the masses and ignore the more muted voices asking for, say, a decent supply of sleeved shirts or prom dresses that show more fabric than skin.

Now, however, it's the rare retailer who's willing to take the chance of turning off any possible customer. Luxury-store clerks can no longer afford to look down at scruffy shoppers, and store owners of every sort are recognizing the one-size-fits-all approach to retail buying no longer works.

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School fitness programs do not go far enough: experts

Fitness programs in schools help to get children moving, but experts say more is needed to curb rising obesity rates.

Instead of low intensity aerobic exercise, which dominates most school programs, Frederick Hahn, the author of the new book "Strong Kids, Healthy Kids," believes the emphasis should be on strength training and eating the right foods.

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Unique portrait from Shakespeare's life unveiled

A portrait painted 400 years ago and kept anonymously in an Irish home for much of the time since is now believed to be the only painting of William Shakespeare created during his lifetime.

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Weather forecast excellent for shuttle launch

After suffering through a month's delay, NASA enjoyed a trouble-free countdown for space shuttle Discovery, all set to blast off on a space station construction mission Wednesday night.

Launch director Mike Leinbach said Monday that the countdown was going smoothly, and forecasters put the odds of good launching weather at 90 percent. "The team is anxious to go," he said.

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Good News for March 9 (posted by Mary Beth)

Getting Gaia's Goat: Advice for the Eco-Conscious

"As I have said on BreakPoint before, for many people environmentalism occupies the same place traditionally occupied by more conventional religious belief. Actually, if you consider the lengths to which people will go not to offend against Mother Earth, or 'Gaia,' as she is known to her devotees, you have to smile when they call Christians 'fanatics.'”

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Found: The source of ... belly-button lint

"A chemist in Vienna has taken the term 'navel gazing' to its logical extreme and guaranteed himself a curious epitaph: Unraveler of the mysteries of belly-button lint."

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Chicagoan named nation's best barista

"After a hot round of competition yesterday Chicago's Mike Phillips of Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea took first prize in the United States Barista Competition held in Portland, OR and put on by the Specialty Coffee Association of America."

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The Godparent - a devotion

"I have a godmother, my dear Nanan. She prays for me, loves me and reminds me often of how precious I am to her and to God. Nanan takes her responsibility as a godparent seriously."

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Australian wrestles kangaroo from family home

"When a dark intruder smashed through his bedroom window and repeatedly bounced on his bed, Beat Ettlin at first was relieved to discover it was a kangaroo."

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Monday, March 9, 2009 Good News Stories (Margaret)

Nun helps Bolivia's street kids build future from past of addiction

"Daniel Escalante remembers the exact day he came in from the cold: March 16, 2000.

He was living in and around the cemetery in La Paz, more than two miles high in the Andes Mountains, where temperatures plunge as soon as the sun goes down. By day, Escalante and his teenage friends would do odd jobs or shine shoes to earn a few cents to buy a watered-down bottle of alcohol to drink or glue to sniff."

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Kathy Ireland: From Super Model to Role Model

"When most people hear her name, they think Sports Illustrated and super model.

For those who have followed Kathy Ireland’s life more closely, however, the type of model she is shooting to be today and for the past decade is a role model for working moms and aspiring businesswomen."

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New Building Design Withstands Earthquake Simulation

"Researchers at the University of Michigan simulated an off-the-charts earthquake in a laboratory to test their new technique for bracing high-rise concrete buildings. Their technique passed the test, withstanding more movement than an earthquake would typically demand."

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