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Beautiful Florida! 

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Mary's Stories for Jan. 7, 2009

Trusting God When Money Seems Scarce

Money seems to be a common topic in many conversations in America today. Our economy is hurting and therefore many people are financially hurting as well.

As Christians we know that God is our source of security, not the economy. Nevertheless, many Christians have found that their finances have also been adversely affected as a byproduct of the negative economy. So how do we trust God in the midst of pay cuts, layoffs, rising bills, and declining home values in our own lives? How do we keep our faith strong in the midst of financial trouble? Here are a few ways God shows us in His Word to keep our faith strong.

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Tracing The Highs And Lows Of The Bush Presidency

Two weeks from now, President Bush will be former President Bush, and what was once his agenda will become his record. The president suggests that history will judge him better than the current assessment — given the troubled economy and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. So what will be his legacy? What will he be remembered for?

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Holiday shoppers stick to spending pledge

When it comes to holiday shopping, Americans traditionally have been great at saying they were going to cut back — but not so good at actually doing it.

This year appears to be an exception. Concerned about the recession, job losses and a steep drop in investment portfolios, many Americans shunned their usual shopping sprees, despite heavy discounting and promotions.

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Verizon picks Microsoft search over Google and Yahoo

Verizon Communications Inc has chosen Microsoft Corp to provide Internet search services for cell phones, in what is seen as a blow to rivals Google Inc and Yahoo Inc.

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LG unveils video phone for wrist

Announced last year, LG Electronics will show off the world’s first 3G cell phone watch, dubbed the GD910, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

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Good News for Jan. 7 from Mary Beth

History in the making ... again!

President-elect Barack Obama hailed a rare Oval Office gathering of all living U.S. presidents as an extraordinary event on Wednesday as the current occupant, President George W. Bush, reminded his predecessors and successor that the office "transcends the individual."

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Shaken to the Core: Church Growth in Tough Times

A recent headline in the New York Times read “Bad Times Draw Bigger Crowds to Churches.” It told the story of an evangelical church in “a Long Island hamlet of yacht clubs and hedge fund managers.”

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Children, Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries Receive Hand Up from Intel, Save the Children and

Intel Corporation, Save the Children and, along with several celebrities, have joined forces to raise awareness and funds so children in developing countries can attend primary school and their parents can earn higher incomes.

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Eat less, add flavor, lose the weight

He dropped pounds the old-fashioned way. Read Michael Saunders' description of his weight loss program and progress here.

New Orleans' Presbytere exhibit spotlights '100 Years of Zulu'

Did you know that in 1949 Louis Armstrong reigned as the first celebrity monarch over the Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club parade? Or that the club, now widely popular and a favorite among most Mardi Gras parade-goers, at one time had only 15 members?

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Stories for Wednesday, January 7, 2009 from Margaret

Why You Should Eat What You Crave

"You've been told way too often to resist cravings. You know: "When cookies call, munch on carrots. When ice cream screams, scoop up some cottage cheese." Yeah, right. Better advice: When you've just gotta have it, give in -- but eat the healthiest version of whatever it is you're lusting after. And try to buy a single portion so there are no leftovers to tempt you the next day, when the crisis has passed. Some yummy options: "

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Content With Less

“As president of Ron Blue and Company, Canada, nothing frustrates Michael Gibney more than when he hears people equate poverty with spirituality.”

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As a former home schooling mom, I found some of these new statistics exciting and encouraging.

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Of Bumper Carand Harpoons

Here is a story on growing old from a humorous point of view.

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Eating healthy on a budget

“If you think it's impossible to eat healthy on a budget, you're not alone.
Heather Tenney, better known as Little Miss Know it All, writes a blog for The Enquirer's Web site about saving money on groceries, and she hears it all the time.”

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