Sunday, December 6, 2009

Program encourages girls to consider engineering

"Forty area middle-school girls gathered Saturday for a novel engineering program called 'Ready Set Design!' encouraging women into a field where they have been underrepresented.

'You graduate from engineering school and go on to improve an aspect of human life, and make a difference in the world,' a poster on the wall encouraged the young students gathered inside Levering Hall on Johns Hopkins University's Homewood campus."

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South Side beaches going back to nature: Chicago begins 2 South Side restoration projects

"In the late 1990s, the Chicago Park District stopped grooming 11 acres of the man-made Montrose Beach -- and something incredible began to happen.

A dune was formed naturally, and six state-listed rare plant species suddenly began to grow. Migrating birds began flocking to the site, and over time, more than 150 species have been observed, including the federally endangered piping plover."

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