Monday, February 23, 2009

Good News From Mary Feb. 22, 2009

Brit Couple Saved After 40 Days Lost At Sea

A British couple have been saved from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean by an Italian tanker after spending 40 days lost at sea.

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More hospitals focus on mind-body connection

Popping a pill can cut your cholesterol. But did the doctor also prescribe cutting the stress that's eroding your immune system? Or teach you how to exercise without worsening painful joints?

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Lifeline for endangered albatross

The outlook for endangered seabirds looks better thanks to a scheme that reduces the numbers accidentally killed by the fishing industry.

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Hello, goodbye: Rare, little green comet streaking past Earth

Tonight, skies permitting, a greenish, "two-tail" comet that likely contains ice and dust from the beginnings of the solar system will offer a celestial spectacle on its first — and only — fly-by of our Earth.

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Strange fish has a see-through head

A bizarre deep-water fish called the barreleye has a transparent head and tubular eyes. Since the fish's discovery in 1939, biologists have known the eyes were very good at collecting light. But their shape seemed to leave the fish with tunnel vision.

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Good News for February 23 (posted by Mary Beth)

Be Fruitful: Like Now

"Each NASCAR and Indy race begins with, 'Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines.' Maybe the church should popularize the phrase, 'Ladies and gentlemen, start your families.' ..."

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Crushed for the Greater Good -- A Devotion

"Mama has several medications to take each day. Because of her swallowing problem, she has to take them through her PEG tube. Pills must be dissolved in water so they can flow through the syringe into the length of tubing we connect to the PEG."

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Catch Comet Lulin at Its Best!

"If you’re an astronomy buff, you probably know that Comet Lulin’s closest approach to Earth will occur Wednesday. It will be a mere 38 million miles away!"

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Doctors tell how to lower costs without raising risks

"Are people putting their health at risk by deferring treatments to save money? Not necessarily, experts say. You can, in fact, prioritize and cut back in a way that scales back costs while also keeping you healthy. The key is knowing what is essential and what is not."

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Seal populations continue to explode off New England

"If you’ve been on a Cape Cod beach this winter, you may have encountered an extraordinary animal comeback: Seals."

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Monday, February 23, 2009 Good News Stories (Margaret)

Jamaica trip gives me lesson in humility

"I went to Jamaica expecting to give and wound up getting a lot more in return.

Fourteen women from four states took part in an eight-day mission through the Evansville, Ind.,-based International Orphanage Relief. The first night, as a means of introduction, we were asked to list our strengths and weaknesses."

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Universal Flu Drug Stops All Flu Types

"A new kind of drug cocktail kills all types of flu bugs and could protect against pandemic or seasonal flu."

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Lenten meals give families chance to teach important lessons

"It's not always easy to bring family members together for a tasty, nutritious and affordable meal. When Lent comes around, the need for meatless Fridays and the hope of teaching children about why Catholics fast and abstain from meat can make meal planning seem nearly impossible.

But two Catholic mothers in different parts of the country have a few solutions to offer."

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Urban Composting: A New Can of Worms

"ON a recent Saturday afternoon, Stephanie Stern and her husband poured 1,000 wriggling red worms from a brown bag into a plastic bin outside their bathroom, looked down and hoped for the best. "

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