Saturday, October 10, 2009

African-American gospel fans embrace white choir in national competition

"For nearly four hours Monday night, about 7,000 people, almost all of them African-American, made a joyful noise unto the Lord — singing along with gospel classics, cheering on their favorite choir and praising God.

They were attending the St. Louis regional finals for 'How Sweet the Sound: The Search for the Best Church Choir in America.'"

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Goats help planned rec center take a bite toward progress

"The decrepit mansion once served as home to the president of the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, but two decades of brush has grown and, along with vandals, has made it uninhabitable.

Cue the goats."

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Hospitals ramp up patient amenities

"Free wireless Internet service, live plants, reclining chairs, European showers, flat-screen TVs, and pleasant views more often describe plush hotel accommodations than sterile hospital rooms.

But more health care facilities are now offering those amenities, as patients demand comfort and privacy in addition to quality care, executives say."

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