Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bill and Kerry Brett's 'Inspirational Women'

"Father-and-daughter photographers Bill Brett and Kerry Brett compiled more than 125 black-and-white portraits of women with Boston ties for their book 'Boston, Inspirational Women.'

With words by Carol Beggy and a foreword by Karen Kaplan, the book documents women who are influential and inspirational in their city and beyond."

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Running economy may not decline with age, a study finds

"Older runners may not have the speed of their younger counterparts, but they do have the same running economy, a study finds.

Running economy is a gauge of how efficiently the body uses oxygen at a given pace. Researchers used various tests to see how age affects factors of running economy in competitive distance runners."

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From Klingon to Na'vi: Delving into made-up languages

"Stephen Rogers calls himself 'a sucker for a good story.' Even if it's told in Solresol.

Rogers is the author of the newly released 'A Dictionary of Made-Up Languages: From Adunaic to Elvish, Zaum to Klingon — The Anwa (Real) Origins of Invented Lexicons' (Adams Media)."

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