Friday, July 24, 2009

Chemistry in a Cone

In June, the Cold Stone Creamery chain introduced a new ice cream that doesn’t melt. The dripless ice cream comes in two flavors, Butterscotch Velvet and Chocolate-y Goodness. It takes a second to process this. Melting ice cream is an immutable truth of summer, a symbol of the fleeting nature of the season itself. How did they do away with one of the frozen treat’s most fundamental properties? Welcome to the weird science of ice cream.

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Kmart brings back blue-light specials

"Attention Kmart shoppers: Blue-light specials are back. Again.

The discount chain is reviving the gimmick that became famous for creating bargain-hunting mayhem. But this time blue balloons instead of an oscillating blue bulb will alert shoppers to the aisle where a few products are on sale for an hour."

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Make Your Child Thirsty... for God

"Children are spiritual beings. That means they, like us, seek to know their Creator. They will ask naive questions or give confused answers in their quest to know Him. Their questions, misunderstandings, and doubts are not stumbling blocks, but invitations to spiritual growth."

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