Friday, August 26, 2011

In Seeds We Trust

"Nestled along a narrow winding road off of Iowa’s Rt. 52, near the small town of Decorah and nearly swallowed by the surrounding endless acres of corn and wheat that typify modern industrial farming, sits a tiny respite from the ravages of today’s genetically-refined, fast-growing, fertilizer-and-pesticide-stoked crops. It is a place named, appropriately enough, Heritage Farm, home of the Seed Saver’s Exchange, the largest non-government owned seed bank in the nation."

Read more about Heritage Farm here.

Jaw-droppingly gorgeous video captures the Milky Way as Earth spins

"'Tempest Milky Way' presents 3 minutes of incredible, jaw-dropping scenery as the Earth spins, the stars revolving through the night sky as if riding a conveyer belt. The clarity and detail presented is absolutely astounding, giving you the chance to watch the sky in breathtaking color."

And the heavens declare His handiwork here.