Thursday, July 8, 2010

US Ironman champion Chris Lieto partners with World Vision to race for a greater cause

"Chris Lieto is the fastest American Ironman and a true icon in the world of tri-athletes. Most recently, Chris won the Kansas and Buffalo Springs 70.3 races.

This year, Chris Lieto has his eyes set on first place at the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii, but he is racing for more than himself. Through his program More Than Sport, powered by World Vision, Lieto challenges fellow athletes and fans to be ambassadors of positive change in the lives of children in need around the world through child sponsorship."

To read more about Lieto's challenge, click here.

Freedom of Worship: an anorexic description of our rights

"Chuck Colson is sounding the alarm: The government—at the highest levels—may be attempting to redefine the very meaning of religious freedom. If what Secretary of State Hilary Clinton said in a recent speech reflects a new direction in government policy, it seems the aim is clear: To kick faith out of the public square, to send Christians into the closet."

Click here to watch Chuck Colson's commentary.

The Eggsploited: When Two Markets Collide

"Louise Brown was born in the United Kingdom on July 25, 1978, the world’s first test-tube baby, conceived by in vitro fertilization.

Just five years later in Australia, fertility doctors used the first donor egg in an IVF procedure."