Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Now best time to buy home, Houston economist says

"The single-family housing market may prove to be the strongest of all of Houston’s real estate sectors as the area plods through the economic downturn and global recession, said local economist Barton Smith at his annual real estate symposium Tuesday.

Even though the recession is just now beginning to unfold locally, this could be the best time to buy a home, Smith said.

Prices — already down 2 percent — may fall some more, but historically low interest rates won’t last much beyond this year."

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Christians Tweet to Donate Drinking Water

Hundreds of twitterers and bloggers have been skipping their morning Starbucks runs and afternoon sodas, drinking only water for five days to help save lives.

Among the less-caffeinated bunch is Shawn Wood, Experiences Pastor at Seacoast Church in South Carolina, who launched a water initiative called "5 Days In May" to help provide clean water to those in developing countries who do not have access to the basic resource.

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Signs and Landmarks (A devotion)

"What are the landmarks in your life? What are the signs pointing you along the road?

Have you ever considered the Sabbath as a landmark? It is an important one on the Christian path."

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