Saturday, July 11, 2009

China flooding update from World Vision

"In response to the floods in southern China that have affected 39 million people across 12 provinces and regions, World Vision has sent two assessment teams to Guangxi and Jiangxi provinces where World Vision has a total of nine development program offices in and near the flood zone. The humanitarian organization has so far confirmed that its Du'an development program in Guangxi has been impacted, and is most concerned about the flooding's effect on children."

Click here for more on how World Vision is addressing the situation.

Sisters Face Death With Dignity and Reverence

"Gravely ill with heart disease, tethered to an oxygen tank, her feet swollen and her appetite gone, Sister Dorothy Quinn, 87, readied herself to die in the nursing wing of the Sisters of St. Joseph convent where she has been a member since she was a teenager."

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