Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Good News for February 11 (posted by Mary Beth)

Where Government Doesn’t Belong: Triumph of the Ruling Class

"The withdrawal of Tom Daschle from consideration as health and human services secretary has been deemed a blow to the new Obama administration—both to its stated goals to enact health-care reform and to its claim that it will put an end to 'business as usual' in the nation’s capital."

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Six months after Georgia-Russia conflict, safe shelter still a huge hurdle for displaced families, World Vision warns

"Six months after the brief conflict between Georgia and Russia, international aid agency World Vision warns that the 35,000 displaced people still face significant hurdles to rebuilding their lives. More than 18,000 internally displaced persons are being integrated into settlements built by the Georgian government, which World Vision says are inadequate for children and families."

Read what is being done by World Vision here.

Hyde Park comics shop gets a boost from president

"James Nurss—merchant, risk-taker, comic book expert—was about to lose it all. He had opened First Aid Comics in a hidden upstairs space down the hall from a psychic during a failing economy and the business was struggling.

Then Spider-Man and President Barack Obama swung to the rescue."

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Frogs: A Chorus of Colors

"Although frogs are much-maligned, they can also be fascinating, adaptable, and often beautiful creatures. With more than 5,000 species spread across six continents, frogs are remarkably diverse and the most abundant amphibians on Earth. Frogs: A Chorus of Colors displays both this beauty and diversity."

Read more on this temporary exhibit at the Museum of Science, Boston by clicking here.

Jindal tapped to give Republican response to Obama's speech

"His star rising higher on the national scene, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has been selected to deliver the nationally televised Republican address after President Barack Obama's first speech to a joint session of Congress on Feb. 24, which is Mardi Gras."

The details are in the New Orleans Times Picayune. Click here.

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Good News From Mary Feb. 11, 2009

No Greater Love than the Father's Love

Years ago I wished that I could have ripped Valentines Day off the calendar. I was a single young woman and that was the one day that I felt unloved, lonely and forgotten.

But today its one of my favorite days to celebrate. God used the love of a little child to change it for me and teach me what love really is.

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Hope for Hopeless Marriages

Ever since she was a little girl, Tracey had dreamed of this day. And now it was finally here! Her dress . . . a long classic-style princess dress of beautiful white silk . . . and she was marrying her prince––her best friend, Mark. All that was missing were the horses and carriage. She couldn’t imagine anything more wonderful than this treasured day!

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Koala love story wins hearts after deadly fires

A love story between two badly burned koalas rescued from Australia's deadliest bushfires has provided some heart-warming relief after days of devastation and the loss of over 180 lives.

The story of Sam and her new boyfriend Bob emerged after volunteer firefighter Dave Tree used a mobile phone to film the rescue of the bewildered female found cowering in a burned out forest at Mirboo North, 150 km (90 miles) southeast of Melbourne.

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Cat Rescued From 6-story Highway Pillar In Houston

A lift had to be used to rescue a cat from atop a 6-story concrete support pillar for a Houston elevated freeway. The striped gray kitty could be heard meowing Wednesday after the Houston SPCA retrieved the cat and put the animal in a transport cage.

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Teachers invite 'Wii Music' into the classroom

You might play games with your kids at home. But would you send your kids to school to play video games?

You might if the teacher were Eileen Jahn, who teaches music at the St. Philip’s Academy in Newark, N.J. She’s one of 60 music educators around the country that have begun to integrate “Wii Music” into their regular curriculum.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009 Good News Posts from Margaret

How to Choose Valentine's Day Flowers for a Gardener

"Choosing flowers for someone who gardens can be as intimidating as cooking for a gourmet. Don’t think that because they grow flowers, they don't like receiving them as a gift. Many gardeners hate to cut flowers from their own gardens to bring indoors; they like to see their garden full of splendor. So a gift of cut flowers or a flowering plant is a guilt free pleasure that might just inspire them to garden some more."

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Spanish artist hopes her art opens people's hearts to God's love

"Contemporary artist Maria Tarruella hopes her first U.S. exhibit can open the hearts of people around her to the love of God."

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Lighten Up!

"Police who? Police stop telling these awful knock-knock jokes!

Did you laugh? Or crack even the slightest grin (with a slight "oh-brother" eye roll added for good measure, perhaps)? I sure hope so, because our ability to laugh with our children and at ourselves during the rough-and-tumble years of raising preschoolers is often diminished by our pursuit of doing everything right. Doing things right requires our utmost attention and serious thought. It demands we strategically project the consequences of our mothering choices today to the distant future—say when our child is 20 or 30 years old."

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February 2, 2009 To Be: Grateful

"We talk a lot about being grateful and counting our blessings round about Thanksgiving time. But as Christians, it’s something we should practice year-round."

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Dell expands US electronics recycling program (AFP)

"Computer maker Dell on Wednesday expanded its US electronics recycling network to more states and began an online gadget trade-in program.

People can bring used computers and other electronics to Goodwill stores in 18 states, where items in decent shape are resold and devices in need of repair are either refurbished or broken down to salvage as scrap."

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Shot of the Day for February 10, 2009

Gathering Roses

By Flickr Member Tanakawho