Friday, February 19, 2010

Collision: Where Worldviews Meet

“'Is Christianity good for the world?' That’s the subject of an ongoing debate between renowned atheist Christopher Hitchens and a conservative and sometimes controversial Christian, Douglas Wilson.

What began as a correspondence between the two has led to a co-authored book, a debate tour, and now a fascinating documentary—a kind of behind the scenes look at that tour, featuring interviews with both men."

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The Taste of Honey - a devotion

"I was reading my way through Psalm 119 to verse 105 to get the punctuation correct for a lighthouse project I was doing. Surely I’ve read this chapter in its entirety before. But this time, I found a treasure."

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Come Together Now Haiti: Music City Unites for Haiti

"When the music community comes together, powerful things happen.Look for your favorite Christian, gospel and country performers in this moving video."

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