Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Perinatal Hospice: The Value of a Life

"The hospice movement is a wonderful expression of the culture of life. In a very encouraging development, the movement is growing up in an unexpected way."

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How Do Astronauts Check Their Kids' Homework?

When Nicole Stott goes out on her first spacewalk she knows her seven-year-old son Roman will be watching.

Lots of moms have jobs, and lots of moms figure out how to make job and family work. When a parent is an astronaut there are extra challenges. It's a high-risk, high-altitude -- and high-profile -- job.

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Tips to Help Family Caregivers Save Both Time and Money

"How often does it occur to you that saving time and saving money are two sides of the same thing -- several times a day, right? The more time we spend caring for our parents and other elderly family members, the more deeply it cuts into our ability to work and earn an income. As summer turns to fall, kids go back to school, and work ramps back up from the August lull, caregivers get stretched even thinner. It's the perfect time to try some relatively simple strategies that could reduce your caregiving burden."

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