Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Local scouts look to make a difference

"While driving home, one student put his Eagle Scout cool to the test.

Christopher Gomm, 18, is a senior at Oak Ridge High School in El Dorado Hills and said the Boy Scout motto, 'always be prepared,' helped him stay calm after witnessing an accident."

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Looking for food in the woods? It's time to forage

"Rock and I often take our boat to Bayou Teche in search of the American lotus during the summer. In south Louisiana, the plant is also known as 'graine a voler.' Loosely translated, the Cajun French term (pronounced grah-NUH VOH-lay) means 'seeds that fly' or 'seeds in the air,' because when the seed pods are left to wither, the husk retracts and pressures the seeds to pop out."

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'Soul Surfer' and the God of the Possible

"What could be better than an inspirational sports movie? Not much . . . except an inspirational sports movie based on actual events! I love, yes love, these films filled with training montages, dirt-stained faces, and moving musical scores. I am unabashed and unashamed when it comes to cheering out loud. Even in the theater."

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Joint Efforts Reduce Malaria Cases and Child Deaths in Senegal

"Malaria has been a long-standing public health problem in Senegal, particularly in the southern region. In 2005, there were two million recorded cases and at least 2,000 deaths from the disease. Today, there is evidence that these numbers are improving."

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