Friday, July 31, 2009

Putty in their paws: Why we do what cats want

Tamara Fox goes to extremes for her cats that she wouldn't dream of for even her best friend.

Dena Harris of Madison, N.C., endures a daily slapping around by her 8-year-old cat, Olivia, who taps her on the shoulder early each morning until she gets up and feeds her.

And Cecile Moore put up with acts of extortion from her cat Henry who regularly sat on the top of the bureau of her Athens, Ga., home and scooted a bottle of perfume toward the edge until she got out of bed.

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Communication key for couples hit by downturn

"For many couples, the financial crisis has come down to a test. How good are they at tackling tough money issues? The question for Lorne Epstein is this: business or pleasure? His wife, Alicia Korten, planned to take about a month off to recharge after more than a year of 80-hour workweeks at the consulting firm ReNual while writing a book called 'Change Philanthropy.' Joining her on the trip would cost him about $2,000."

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Many offer charity gardener help after produce taken again

"Wednesday's story about the pillaging of 72-year-old Joe McCorvey's charity garden struck a real community nerve and inspired readers to send in a small cavalry."

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