Monday, June 8, 2009

Wall Drug endures as tourist attraction

Ted Hustead's family knows a thing or two about running a tourist attraction during tough economic times.

Consider Wall Drug, on the north edge of South Dakota's Badlands.

Hustead's grandparents, Ted and Dorothy Hustead, bought the store in this small town in 1931 — during the Great Depression.

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Donations pour in for pizza deliveryman

"The plight of the pizza deliveryman in Evanston who was beaten up and had his car hijacked and wrecked has touched many readers of the Chicago Tribune who saw the story in Monday morning's paper.

According to Omar Gutierrez, who organized and has managed an effort to raise money to help replace Stephen Walker's ruined Kia, readers have barraged him with e-mails and donations. By 10 a.m., more than $4,000 had been donated to the fund through a PayPal account. Walker will get the money Tuesday from the Clyde Avenue neighbors group."

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