Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fighting Malaria: World Vision to distribute, test next-generation bed nets

"World Vision will distribute Vestergaard Frandsen’s next-generation anti-malaria bed nets in Zambia beginning next month to better protect households in malaria-endemic communities where the mosquito-borne disease is a top killer of children.

The new PermaNet 3.0 mosquito nets are expected to be more effective than previous models in two ways: they contain an ingredient that increases efficacy of the insecticide and they have stronger sides to improve durability."

Click here for more on how World Vision is fighting malaria.

Puzzles, Games Protect the Brain

"If you are trying to decide what to buy Grandma and Grandpa for their birthdays, consider a board game or good book. Why? A recent study shows that increased participation in activities that stimulate the brain may delay onset of dementia-related memory decline in older seniors."

Read more about this study here.